Exciting News! We’re releasing our Beta Reporting features to our Waypoint Software clients! These report charts provide an in-depth view of the data that is coming and going inside your instance, and allow you to track anything from number of records per week for an individual feed (incoming or outgoing), to counts on every posturl in your system for the past year. Something to note is that these charts are graphs are able to be fully customized to each clients individual request, and once the report has been created it can be run at anytime to give an up to date statistics on it. We’ll be rolling out some default reports to all instances shortly, but if you wish to have a customized report run please contact your Waypoint Software representative for more details.

To access your reports, click on the Reports(*BETA*) tab inside your instance. This will bring you to the reports page where the reports you’ve requested to be made will be stored. Each report will have a Name and a brief description depicting what the report will display.

To access a report, simply click on the Name of the report and the system will generate the report on a new page. Below is an example of what a report may look like, but you may customize what information is displayed by speaking with a representative.

These reports are also able to be exported by clicking the Export Report button. export report
This will generate this report into a .csv file.