Lead Mining

Lead Mining is a tool inside your Waypoint instance that allows for an in depth search of a designated amount of records assigned to it. It functions the same as an inventory search, however you’ll notice the Campaign’s drop down list and the additional check boxes, “Randomize Results, Previously Assigned, and Export to FTP”. Just like in an inventory search you can select the sources / source groups at the top, or set the filters at the bottom before you run it. If no filters are set, it will pull the most recent number of records that you’ve inserted into the record limit.


If you select a Campaign from the Campaign’s drop down list, as the search processes records will start to assign to this campaign based on the campaign filters that you have set up for it. Utilizing campaign filters with the lead mining function will allow you only send records that match the campaign’s criteria.

Searches are normally performed in chronological order from the most recent records to least recent. However, if Randomize Results is checked it will pull records in a random based on the date range set up instead of chronologically.

If Previously Assigned is select, it will only pull records that have been previously been sent to other campaigns. (It pulls from the Assigned=t field)

Lastly, if Export to FTP is checked once the search has concluded the records will be inserted into a .CSV file and dropped off into your instances FTP, the same one that uploads data to your instance. They’ll be included under a new directory /virtualcampaigns/