Importing .CSV Files to Your Instance

December 30, 2015 Uncategorized 0 Comments

Important Note: To import files into your Waypoint Software instance you will need your FTP credentials for your account that were provided when you first signed up. If you have lost these credentials, please feel free to submit a support ticket or reach out to any member of the Waypoint Software team for assistance.

There are a few factors we have to check before you upload files into the FTP for your instance. Inside your .CSV file you will need to make sure that the first ROW in the document has specific headers mapped that correlate with the data type that they are uploading. If the no headers are mapped, the file will not upload.
Example: You will notice the first row has the headers mapped, and the subsequent rows have the data values for those headers. Each row in the file is counted as a new record in the system.

Firstname, Lastname, City, State, Zip, Address1, Address2, Phone1, Phone2, Email, Gender, Posturl, Leadip
Above is a list of predetermined headers already in the system, however any custom head value will also be accepted and inserted into the record.

Once the file is formatted correctly, you will need to determine which source you want the file to upload to inside the system, and make sure that the source is set to ACTIVE. Copy the “Auth Key” value of the source and rename your .CSV file so it corresponds with the “Auth Key ” value, this will allow the system to know where to place the data in the file once it uploads.
For example, Source 101’s Auth Key is c59ec782a35b9db46c92e1555925f75e , so we will rename our file to this value.


Once your file is renamed and you’re ready to upload, log into your accounts FTP and drop the file in the root. The system runs a job every half hour to pull the files, and the records will be processed into your system.

If you have multiple files that you wish to upload to the same source, you may add a “.” followed by a numerical order to the files for the system to upload. For example, if you needed to upload three files to source 101, the file names would be as follows: c59ec782a35b9db46c92e1555925f75e.1, c59ec782a35b9db46c92e1555925f75e.2, c59ec782a35b9db46c92e1555925f75e.3