Automate Your Email Verification and Hygiene

February 4, 2016 Uncategorized 0 Comments

Email verification and hygiene is an important part of making sure that the records you’re getting and the records you’re sending are valid emails that inbox. Fortunately, we’ve take the liberty to connect with companies such as Sift Logic and Impressionwise to help automate the verification process and make sure your records are getting cleaned and delivered in real time. How does this work? The records first come in from your publishers or web forms, then pass over to the verification platforms which append a value that indicates if the record is cleaned or unclean, after verification the record is inserted into your Waypoint Software instance, filtered at a campaign level, and finally delivered to your clients or ESP’s.

To begin automating this process inside your instance, you must first create an account with the verification platform of your choice and acquire the API and FTP credentials for that account. Once you have these credentials you’ll want to navigate to the source inside your instance that you want to add the verification to. Edit the source and scroll to the bottom where it says, Validation.
First, select the validation type from the drop down list that you wish to use and input the validation URL accordingly. In the 

Impressionwise Source Setup:

Now that the records are being validated in real time, it’s important to make sure you add the corresponding filters to the outgoing campaigns to automatically filter out the bad data. To do this, navigate to the campaign filters of the campaigns that you’ll be sending the verified data through. Depending on which verification platform you’re using, there will be a unique header that needs to be select to filter out the invalid data. For Siftlogic, they use the values of Low, Medium, and High for their records under the header Subscriber_Score_Bucket, and for Impressionwise they use the value cleaned under the header Email_status for valid records. To ensure valid records, select the corresponding header from the Filter Column, set the Filter Type to equals, and finally insert the value for the valid records to be filtered through. Your filter should look similar to the following:

Impressionwise Campaign Filter:

Sift Logic Campaign Filter:

You’re now verifying records in real time and filtering out the invalid responses through your campaigns.