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about waypoint

Waypoint Software is a complete web-based (saas) white label solution for collecting and distributing real time leads in a completely automated environment. The company has been founded with ease of use in mind for the clients, which helps provide growth objectives and goals for your company. Integrating companies and building solid the foundations for your leads is key for success.

Why Choose Waypoint?

Ease of use  Data Validation & Filtering  Customizable Technology

The Waypoint Software caters to all businesses, both big and small, but more specifically it caters towards its user simplicity. 

The software was written with the user’s simplicity and stability as a primary focus, and it allows even the smallest of companies with zero programing knowledge to be able to use the software. Simply configure inbound data and outgoing campaigns and let Waypoint Software do the rest.

We have integrated Waypoint Software to multiple validation and data cleansing companies such as Sift Logic, XVerify, and other strategic partners. Simply input your unique API key from your validation service into the Waypoint Software and your data will be sent out and validated.

We also offer a robust data enhancement feature where you are able to validate heuristics on data points of consumer past behavioral performance across multiple external data sources.
Please note that this is an external feature that Waypoint Software supports and you will be responsible for all validation charges from other companies that the Waypoint Software supports. The data enhancement feature is an add-on feature and has additional charges associated with the service.

Here at Waypoint Software we are all about improvement for a better company for both us and our clients. We are always open to suggestions, and willing to work with your company to provide you better service and access to the data that you need. The ability to code new content into our software to help develop your company and improve ours is something that we look forward to working on with you.

Contact Waypoint Software

Atlantic Pavilion Building 245 N. Ocean Boulevard Suite #203 
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

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