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Waypoint Software is a complete web-based (saas) white label solution for collecting and distributing real time leads in a completely automated environment.

The easy to use interface compliments a robust and sophisticated delivery engine making Waypoint Software the easiest lead management software in the industry to integrate into your business model.Our current clients consist of Data Mining Warehouses, Call Centers, and Data Brokers. Simply configure your inbound data sources and your outgoing campaigns and Waypoint Software will do the rest. Our developers have been in the Data Mining and Internet Marketing industry for over 14 years and have combined the most highly affective Data Aggregation Tools in the industry and developed Waypoint Software. You do not need any programming knowledge to use the software.

Complete Web Based White Label Solution

Access your portal anywhere – configure campaigns, run reports, generate posting docs, and run your data business from anywhere in the world...

Fast, Extremely Easy Configuration

NO PROGRAMMING KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED – Create Posting Instructions to receive leads and create new campaigns to send leads in...

Aggregate Data In Real-time

Aggregate leads from publishers, lead pages, web surveys and call centers and store your data securely and redundantly for future...

Immediate Lead Delivery Robust Data Filtering

Immediately deliver captured leads to your clients, mailers, sales teams, branch offices, or call centers through multiple posting options..........

  • Remove the hassle of manually creating posting URLs by easily mapping your clients posting instructions in the campaign's Data Mapping

  • Filter records by any custom value that posts into your system. Target the information you want to send or suppress data that is unwanted by your customers.

  • Track the live stream of data inside your instance to view the number of incoming records, unique records, delivered records, and appended data.

  • Real time Activity

    We provide accurate and live

    aggregate data in real-time

    Lead Capture and Tracking

    Incoming leads are segregated at a source level to help organize the different feeds of information posting to you. Upon capture, records are assigned individual ID’s and associated with the original feed for easy tracking.

    Filtering and Lead Parsing

    Never send an invalid record again by targeting the information that your clients are requesting at a granular level. Filter by email domain, zipcode, state, posting URLs, incoming source, and any custom header that your system captures. Dashboard metrics make information easy to read at a glance.

    Real Time Lead Delivery

    As fast as your leads are captured, they are filtered and matched up with the outgoing feeds and delivered to your clients or ESPs. There is no limit on the amount of data delivered or number of feeds you can have set up and a wide variety of different delivery methods are available.

    over 25,000 live campaigns trust waypoint software

    Excellent platform with no down time and EXTREMELY easy to use user interface. Waypoint Software’s customer service is amazing there is always someone available via phone or Skype to help me with my campaigns or technical questions. I would highly recommend this company to scale your business or setup real time API posting.

    Mark S.

    I have had nothing but a great experience with waypoint software. Signed up 4-6 months ago and the platform has really moved along. Simple fixes get implemented practically overnight, and the platform is robust, made for both the small guy and enterprise clients. The support is really bar none on this platform, and the pricing is more than fair.

    Vitaliy V.

    May favorite part about working with Waypoint is the crew over there. ****, *****, ***** and everyone else are extremely responsive, proficient, and helpful. Whenever we have a question or need help, they make themselves available almost immediately and get us squared away. The platform is easy to use and robust. Pricing is very fair. Quite a few integrations. For what we need, it’s perfect.

    Ben G.

    Waypoint has been an excellent solution for our organization and we are very happy with it! They are very open to product feedback and are always looking for ways to improve their product which we believe is very important. Their customer service has been great too! They are always available and go over and above in every interaction we have ever had with them. We highly recommend them as a strong partner to work with!

    Tyler D

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