Lead Distribution Software

What is the importance of having an automated Lead Distribution Software? Manually searching through your data can be a very tedious and time consuming task. Having a system which captures your data and posts to your clients instantaneously eliminates the time you would spend manually going through records you receive and dropping them off to your clients in different ways. An automation software also help remove human error from the equation as you won’t mix up feeds of data and accidentally drop a file to the wrong client.

Waypoint Software also offers a wide variety of delivery methods to your clients such as HTTPPOST, HTTPGET, SOAP, XML, PLAIN TEXT EMAIL, HTML EMAIL, and FTP. Response codes and lead tracking are built into the backend of the platform to allow you to see that the leads have successfully reached their destination. Time delays and call center scheduling are also able to be set up to allow for your records to only be delivered to your clients in specified time frames.